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Something Old, Something New

Finishing up this piece for printing. Needs a little more work, but it’s almost there. Trying to figure out sizes.

Probably printing 5x7s and either 9x12 or 11x17.


InkTober starts in 15 days. Who’s in? Rules and resources here:

I’m in!

My submission for the Naughty Dog Tribute show at Gallery Nucleus. Titled “Sneaking Suspicion.”

Hopefully it get accepted in to the show…but if not, it was something fun to work on.



New comic up early for ya’ll Tumblr-ers.

March 23, 2014.

Again, Happy Video game day!

Final design for my first show/convention banner. Just ordered this last night…can’t wait to see the final thing printed.

Heading to Long Beach Comic Con Sept. 27-28 (my first con ever!) with my good friend and talented artist Bobby Timony, btimony. I’ll update with our table # as soon as we have it!

We’ll have prints, books, and more!


Yesterday afternoon painting at El Matador beach. This spot was amazing.

I know this spot! I think I’ve got a few sketches of these rocks somewhere myself.

Spruced up this older illustration a bit to get printed up for Long Beach Comic-Con. 8x10!

#Bear Man? Silly #doodle during a meeting.
#cartoon #superhero


DreamCon is happening soon.  Stop by and say hi to us!

Can’t wait for DreamCon!
I’ll be there too, but with much less impressive stuff to show.

Some figure drawing from class with Karl Gnass at work yesterday. 
3-minute & 5-minute poses. Spent a couple extra minutes on some of them.

Some lunchtime figure drawing at work (at DreamWorks Animation Studio)


Here’s an old random doodle of a booger (it was part of a get well card I made a friend last year). Thank you for all the love on the GOT storyboards I posted!!! I’m going to do a Tumblr art book give away to a few randomly selected followers really soon!

Booger monster!

Some improvements to make, but here’s an 11x17” RDHW mini-poster I’m working on for Long Beach Comic Con. They’ll be available online after that!

Wrote my first #comedy #sketch last night, inspired by a #RDHW #comic I drew. Looking forward to a table read and work shopping this on Monday.
#writing #writer #script