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Something Old, Something New

For Sketch Dailies and Inktober.

Started out super cute. Then I realized that’s not entirely my style. Then I ran wild with it.

Getting ready for Halloween!

Two different versions of a comic I drew for Halloween last year. Could never decide which I thought was funnier.
Getting in the Halloween spirit!

A couple of doodles for nktober in my notepad during meetings. (at DreamWorks Animation Studio)

Playing catch up with inktober and Sketch Dailies with my take on Elmer Fudd.


Fire !

Badass FX animation!

Quick Creature from the Black Lagoon for Sketch Dailies and Inktober.

In honor of Sketch Dailies topic today, and in the spirit of Halloween, here’s a Robots Do HalloWeen from October 29, 2012!

A quick Penguin sketch Sketch Dailies and Inktober.

The long awaited Monster Pin Up Girls Kickstarter is finally live! Just in time for Halloween, too! 
They’re cute, they’re sexy, they’re scary and they’re fun! Coming soon, a full deck of Monster Pin Up Girl Playing Cards featuring 54 illustrations by artist Bobby Timony, and a sweet Hardcover Art Book showcasing the Card Art with a foreword written by renowned artist Molly Crabapple!

Latest signed copy of my book. 

On Amazon!

Quick wolf sketch for inktober and to help get into the Halloween spirit.

Ink brush pen and color pencil on brown paper.

I gift for my friends Dave and Sarah’s new baby, Thomas William.

Can’t wait to meet the little guy next weekend!

Squeezed in this biker guy for inktober tonight

Finished up yesterday’s Hellboy sketch for Inktober.