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Something Old, Something New

If you only buy one book this summer, well…buy You Can’t Be Anything.
From Amazon or *signed* from me on Storenvy.

But, if you buy two books, buy that and "This Movie Will Require Dinosaurs" (last image) by C. W. Neill (untitledscreenplays)!  

Got a copy last night and Neill signed it. The book is really funny and he seems like a nice guy.


The Bat Family

And here’s the reason why I recently made the entire Batman Family as presented in season four of Batman: The Animated Series. After making my brother-in-law a couple of framed cut-outs (Spider-Man and World’s Finest), my boy wanted one of his own. He also wanted his own DCAU-style Batman. Two birds. One frame.

As for the multiple signals; yes, that may not be canon, but you can imagine how it went over with five year old. (Like a Bat plane. Soaring high above Gotham City).

This is awesome!


Here’s my submisson for the June/July Loopdeloop animation challenge…the theme was “Block.”

So, I made a Voltron/Megazord inspired robot out of children’s blocks.

Animated in Maya and After Effects.

Come check out the loopdeloop-blog screening at Meltdown Comics on Friday, August 1st!

I realized I never posted my finished Flash piece for Sketch Dailies last week.
Micron Pen, Red Sharpie, white paint marker, and colored pencil on brown paper. Adjust some levels and added the blur in Photoshop.

Pretty awesome #Gotham #SDCC swag thanks to @jisookimcat !
#batman #gothamcity #police

It’s “National Video Game Day!”
Here’s a classic RDHW comic from back in 2010 to celebrate with! Pac-Man has a dark back-story.


New comic up early for ya’ll Tumblr-ers.

March 23, 2014.

In honor of National Video Game Day, here’s a comic I drew back in March.


Thanks for all the Batman comic strip love, and to all the new followers!

Working on #TheFlash for #sketch_dailies
@sketch_dailies @dccomics #flash #justiceleague #comic #comics #dc #dccomics #drawing #sketch #illustration


our batman who art in gotham going back to my roots with fake cover

This is awesome!

Inked and finished side by side. Copics and black/white colored pencils.
Sorry for poor image quality…photo with my phone.


So happy to announce that Flight & Fury: The Art of How to Train Your Dragon (currently at Gallery Nucleus) will be at Chuck Jones Gallery for Comic-Con Preview night, Wednesday July 23.

A limited run of 100 lithographs of “Best Buds” (above) will be available for sale, and all proceeds go to charity!

Tons of amazing art from extremely talented artists…if you’re down there for SDCC, check it out! And be sure to go by Gallery Nucleus if you’re in the LA area!

Right now at the Chuck Jones gallery in San Diego!

In honor of Batman Day, here are a few silly Dark Knight comics I drew in 2012.

Happy Batman Day! I’ll color this later, but I wanted to share now.

I watched Saving Mr. Banks last night, so I’ve got Mary Poppins on the brain.

Quick digital sketch. I think I want to draw more of her.